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Manufacturer fittings, pipe – premium fast delivery option available

From humble origins in a small machine shop in Walsall in 1976, Valen Fittings has developed into a significant manufacturing company with over 40 years of experience, providing excellence to the quality-critical oil and gas industry.

As our expertise in making fittings and pipe has grown, we have twice expanded our production plant. We now have a dedicated area for the manufacture of welded pipe in bespoke lengths to suit your exact requirements, saving you the expense of purchasing random lengths.
The development of the company has focused on manufacturing high-quality products with very short lead-times, whether for standard or non-standard items, or for order quantities large and small. Our ability to produce consistently high-quality fittings has been strengthened over the years as we have gained experience supplying many major projects in a wide variety of grades, sizes and thicknesses.

Our highly controlled production facilities ensure that we successfully manufacture excellent-quality products. With an on-site independent radiography unit and an on-site independent UKAS approved testing laboratory, we can tightly manage your order from start to finish.
The exacting standards of our pipe and fittings demand a very high skill level from our employees. We have been able to maintain and strengthen our manufacturing abilities by supporting and investing in our workforce.  The resulting very low staff turnover ensures that we can consistently meet the most stringent quality requirements.
Despite our established excellence, we are not complacent. We have a programme for training and developing apprentices in many areas of the business to ensure that the vital specialist skills are passed to the next generation.

Only by continually investing in new equipment, techniques and, crucially, our employees, have we developed the skills and flexibility to ensure that we have become, and will remain, a market leader in the manufacture of high-quality welded pipe and fittings.

Why Choose Us ?


Valen are committed to producing high quality products.


With a highly skilled workforce we have remained experts within our field for over 40 years.


Standard or bespoke fittings, pipe and special fabrication produced in a multitude of grades, diameters and thicknesses.