Valen Fittings manufacture special fabrications and special butt weld fittings to your specification, producing new tooling where necessary. Design calculations are available from our quality department for lateral tees when required.

Catalyst charge chute

ASTM A240 – 304L
Base 1040mm x 700mm x 20mm
Overall height is 600mm
3/16” x 1” Square wire mesh

Part of multiple lateral ‘Y’ piece

ASTM A240 /A312 – 316L
20” NB x 10mm body tapered to 10S
16” NB, 12” NB sch 80S outlets tapered to SCH 40S / SCH 30 overall length of body 3864mm average length of outlet 700mm

40” NB Special Manifold

ASTM A240 – 304L – WP-WX
overall length of run 2528mm
centre of run to end of branch 749mm
with 2 x 8”NB SCH 10S nozzles
centre of run to end of nozzle 760mm

10” NB x 6” Reducing Elbow

ASTM A240 – 316
SCH 140 / SCH 120 pressed from 25mm plate